The first thing I noticed about Oriental Residence was their staff members. I was running late for check-in and wound up at a hotel nearby (thanks to great taxi service as always). Once the hotel learned of this, they sent an employee across the street to collect me. That really showed me the importance of customer service at Oriental Residence.
Once I saw my Grand Deluxe room, I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of space offered. I liked the antique apartment-style design also. The kitchen area was quite large and the bathtub was irresistible, so had to try it out! I am not normally a “bath person”, but some bathtubs stand out and this was one of them. Definitely my favorite feature of the room. The room felt nicely divided into lounge area, bedroom, kitchen, and bath.
 Next, the place I spent the most time at was the pool area. A quiet, indoor/outdoor pool space (during my weekday stay in June anyway). The size of the pool is good enough to do laps in, so I spent some time catching up on my swim routine. Otherwise, I worked over WiFi in the lounge chair usually, but there are also some shaded cabanas available. The setup also has a bar counter, dining area, and fitness center all on the same floor. The WiFi worked best in the lobby and pool area, but found it a bit spotty on the higher floors considering I was on the 16th floor. Hence, I preferred to catch up on work while at the pool instead of in my hotel room.
The breakfast at Oriental Residence is worth mentioning and is served at Cafe Claire located on the lobby floor. One thing I liked was the vegetable options available because it isn’t always offered. While I was there, I got to try creamed spinach and sauteed mushrooms,which were delicious. I also liked having a few off the menu egg options like Eggs Florentine. Staff was helpful also when I requested bacon to be more cooked and brought me my own plate separate from the buffet offering. It is the small things that count and bacon is one of them!
The Oriental Residence was a lovely experience with very helpful staff on board. I liked the spacious size of the hotel room, classy design elements, and I thoroughly enjoyed the pool. I would certainly look forward to returning at a later date!

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