Chao is no ordinary hostel. Located within the Siam @ Siam building and occupies one floor just a short walk from National Stadium BTS Skytrain and MBK mall. Chao even has its own entrance at the side of the building. It is a boutique sort of accommodation that merges hotel living with hostel prices.

Chao is a fairly new construction at just 2 years old. The interior design is also unique merging industrial
design meets Thai riverboat
decor (ie. fish nets that drape from the lobby ceiling).

A simple breakfast of tea,coffee, juice, and toast is also a available for early risers. A great part about Chao are the snacks available for guests like crackers and biscuits. If I ever felt too tired leave the hostel or had snack cravings, I simply collected some snacks from the dining area instead.



Double or twin (26 total): Each room is complete with private bathroom and flatscreen TV. No need to use shared bathroom facilities at Chao. The twin beds also have a couple options of beds being aligned or stacked like a bunk bed. Bunk bed styles seemed pretty cool if you want your own personal space.

6-bedroom (two available – male/female): can also be booked by a group of friends or a family.



The lounge room/common area is like a secret hideaway tucked away from the main lobby. This room also serves as a waiting area for guests checking in. I can vouge that it is a great place to crash for a nap. I found myself having a rest here the day I checked out considering I had to wait for a late night flight departure. Comfort of being at home.

The room also features a library of books including travel guides. If you would like to take a book with you, then make sure you add one to the collection to replace it. I also spent a few hours practicing pool whilst watching a film on the flat screen TV. When you get tired of using your phone on WiFi, there are also computers available for basic usage.



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