There was a tremendous grand opening on the Chao Phraya Riverfront. The female staff dressed in traditional Thai costumes greet guests and offer a flower pin to distinguish their guests. When the Grand Chaophraya cruise arrives, it makes a grand entrance. The staff puts on a short show of Thai music and traditional dancing which made me excited for the night ahead.

I was seated on the upper level of the boat outdoors and next to the main stage. The buffet was an enormous spread of pasta, seafood, meat, vegetarian, and halal dishes. I could not decide where to begin my meal, so I naturally sampled my way through dinner. I tasted the following dishes: lasagna, roast chicken, fish, fried rice, sweet and sour seafood soup, and vegetarian (tofu curry).

In regards to the entertainment, it was really enjoyable and made my dinner experience relaxing also. As you cruise down the Chao Phraya River, the singers will make note of the nighttime sights like Wat Arun. There were two singers (male and female) singing in both English and Chinese, which made for a nice mix of tunes. The songs performed ranged from classics, 90’s pop music, and billboard top hits. Certain songs made reserved guests beeline to the dance floor.



In the final hour, dessert was ready to be served. I found the dessert more limited options compared to the main dinner buffet. However, since I was already incredibly full, it was still satisfied. For dessert, there was an assortment of fresh fruits, bite-size cakes (red velvet), and mini cups of Thai Tea pudding/cheesecake. To conclude the night, the music performance changed pace. The singers were replaced with a talented saxophone player and more traditional Thai dancing.

The Chao Phraya dinner cruise was a my first experience of such an event and I really liked it. The cool breeze of the sea coupled with an entertaining atmosphere made for a memorable night!

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