We have all heard the term “hustle” used frequently when talking about the very real struggles we face or that so-called side gig we are attempting to produce into a full-time living. Not to mention, sprinkled into the lyrics of some of our legendary rappers. However, our Millennial generation never could have predicted the dire need to form a side hustle. As far as I can remember, it was engrained in my mind since adolescence to follow the norm and simply working hard and desperately trying to achieve a 4.0 would guarantee big future returns. If I strictly followed the path according to these outlined terms among others, I would absolutely be in a place of financial growth. If I was super intentional, then maybe even get a promotion by the age of thirty!

Therefore, why should any poor soul need to wonder or even explore the hustle? If the path laid out before us was so safe and predictable, there would be no need, right? The future is already predictable and set by a spoon-fed societal formula, or so we were told anyway… It turns out that this formula of working hard and playing by the rules hasn’t really afforded our generation a viable future. In fact, this nature of hustling is being bred by the unpredictability of the current state of the economy, which stretches well beyond America. In certain countries in Europe, such as Greece, close to half of the youth population was in unemployment. The numbers of Millennials unemployed may not be as vast here in America, but even so, many of Millennials are having to uphold multiple low, minimum-wage paying jobs to survive.

Due to some of the above mentioned scenarios, Millennials (among other former generations) now take more pride in calling themselves a “hustler” and striving to attain as much income as plausible, often times through multiple revenue streams. To hustle as a Millennial, now means that you are much more nimble because you realize that you cant rely on working for a single company your entire life. Considering the uncertainly of gainful, long-term employment, Millennials are now striking out on their own using their inherent skills to produce a better outcome for their future. Hustle mode is full-on and will breed a new generation of entrepreneurs ultimately no matter the scale of the business model pursued.

In the past, a “hustler” or “hustling” for a living may have had negative connotations associated with the term, thereby at times representing illegal forms of earning income. However, now the term hustle when applied to Millennials means an unstoppable work ethic to not only uncover their passion, but to earn a living from it. Regardless of how that hustle takes shape, there is much more of an admiration towards it and the possibilities it can bring for the Millennial generation.

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