I- Sanook is situated in a very accessible location in Bangkok. The nearest public transport stop is on the MRT line at Sam Yan station and also one stop away from Chinatown.I actually was able to walk to I-Sanook once I followed Google maps and it was under twenty minutes from the MRT. There is also a tuk tuk service provided for guests to Sam Yan station, the pier, and Chinatown. I liked that there were multiple places to cook meals between the hotel room and also the cooking space on the sixth floor. If I were to stay here longer term, then I would definitely make full use of this option.

Upon, examining my Suite Deluxe room, I realized it was the first¬†time I’ve seen two flatscreen TV’s in an apartment-hotel (one in the living room and also the bedroom). You don’t have to choose one room to remain in when watching TV and can relax in different spaces within the room, so that’s a great feature. You’ll notice in the photo below the full-size fridge which is really impressive and provides plenty of storage space for buying groceries and snacks.


The breakfast was served in building A and since I was staying in building B, I could connect by elevator through the lobby. I mostly ate the cheese and salami (very Italian I know!), yogurt with watermelon and bananas, and occasionally had hot food. I believe some of the foods on the menu would have been better served heated than cold (like the French toast). There are a few Asian dishes as well to satisfy different tastes, but the hot food didn’t seem very appealing in my opinion as far as presentation.

Depending on your building location, you might have access another building to get to the pool area. Therefore, if you would like to have nearby access, you should probably request a room in that particular building to make it more convenient. The sheer size of the apartment-hotel I stayed in was likely my favorite aspect. I did spend most of my time in room as I was still trying to recover from my flight, so I did get the full benefits of comfort here.


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