Millennials are often known as Generation Y or those born between the early 1980’s to 2000. The generation that cares more about passion and less about social norms.

It’s so often we find articles published about us (if you’re a Millennial like me – shout out!) that have many negative undertones or are plain critical. Millennials tend to be the most misunderstood generation in history; yet, we are also the generation that is learning to embrace experiences rather than material purchases. We are also redefining the way of travel with an increase in the number of solo travellers rising among our generation.

We prefer to invest in an experience that will provide us a lifelong memory and enhance our spirit of adventure. We value the time we spend out there exploring the world as opposed to being confined to society’s definition of playing by the rules. The experiences make us stronger, bolder, and more culturally knowledgeable. The moments we create while traveling help us to reframe our mindset and grow in wider acceptance of humanity. That’s the experience we hope to gain anyway because we just think differently…


Some of you brave Millennials also learn to hit the road and catch flights alone into the unknown. With more evidence across social media platforms showcasing the lives of solo travellers, it motivates us to take hold of life in the now and set out on our own. Being a solo traveller or Millennial traveller in general, means that we are more open-minded, resourceful, and definitely ready to gain new experiences and information.

Although, this opinion of Millennials is a very positive and encouraging one, the rest of the world shall hopefully see us in the same light one day. Even if you are not one of us cool Millennials taking on the world, feel free to join us as we share adventures and advice here on Millennial Traveller.

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