Auckland is the first city I am visiting in New Zealand and the city in which 1/3 of the country’s population resides. The weather is somewhat a surprise being that it is “summer season” in January in New Zealand. It is a very windy city that can get chilly in the evenings and part of the day is usually cloudy or rainy weather.

However, it is a city in which you don’t need to depend on public transport and can walk about 20-30 minutes to most attractions from the center of the city. Or if you’re feeling lazy, you can purchase a AT HOP card for the day which will cover buses, ferries, and trains. If you choose to stay in a certain area of the city center, I highly recommend finding hotels in or near Queen Street or Pitt Street being that these streets are linked to many of the well-known downtown areas. 

Now, where should you visit in Auckland?


 Aotea Square: The main city square that is quite small compared to most cities. In the square, you’ll find the arts theater, cinema, an outdoor stage for free summer evening concerts, and a handful of cafes serving great croissants and mochas!


Princes Wharf: The wharf if where you can find countless bars, restaurants, and entertainment with a picturesque view of the harbor and sailboats. Most nights I drifted towards the wharf just because I could count on this area offering a wide selection of food options.


Auckland New Zealand

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki : A hip and vibrant gallery not far from Queens Street. Multiple levels of modern art and historical paintings as well as special exhibitions.


Sky Tower: If you’re looking for more of a landscape view above the city, then check out the Sky Tower that stands tall at 328 meters height and is the tallest structure in New Zealand. The Sky Tower also offer daring activities like the Sky Jump and Sky Walk. The Sky Jump allows your to base-jump by wire 192 meters straight down or choose the Sky Walk in which you can walk around the outer edge of the Sky Tour whilst strapped in a harness.


Auckland New Zealand 


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