The moment I walked into the dash hotel, I was amazed at the color scheme. I have never seen such a colorful lobby and I was curious to learn more. Dash blends an interesting blend of industrial design and pop art. Throughout the hotel, you will find these art forms and graffiti, so there are plenty of backdrops for selfies and other professional photography. The location is in the heart of Seminyak and a nearby walk to countless restaurants and Double Six beach.

The hotel is also consistent in the color of their bunny mascot, which happens to be red at this location. Even the pool tiles are red to match the gigantic bunny statue. Dash truly is centered on attracting Millennials whether solo travellers or groups of friends. Here you will also find a retail boutique going along with the bunny theme and The Shack rooftop bar which are staples at all dash hotels.




STUDIO ROOM (see photos): In my experience, it is just as vibrant as the rest of the hotel and has cool wall and ceiling images and text. The bathroom being built with concrete gives it a more edgy feel. I also like the clever exposed storage space in which I can see all of my belongings without reaching into a closet.

DELUXE ROOM: In addition to the rain shower in the studio room, you will also get a stand-alone bathtub and more spacious bathroom as well and extra square footage.

TWO ROOM: This room is fittig for a more sociable, apartment-style living experience. Choosing this option will offer a king bedroom with ensuite bathroom, dining area and pantry, lounge space, and a twin bedroom with separate bathroom.



Now, onto some of my top highlights of Dash Hotel. For one, this was the first hotel I ever experienced that offers extras for free. I mean, I am talking about a free 15-minute message at the Dash spa. And, I was surpised when an employee told me the sodas (x 3) in the mini bar were free the first time. Wow. It is the small touches like these which really impress me.




Lastly, the a la carte breakfast is wonderful because it is a set menu in which you can order unlimited food. This could be why I had to sample quite a few offerings. The drinks portion of the menu alone was great. I normally would order a smoothie (banana) and tonic juice (carrot) every morning as opposed to coffee. I did try the specialty egg dishes, but in the end preferred to order eggs scrambled or fried. The most delicious options were the ricotta frenchtoast and the nutella pancakes for obvious reasons! I had a great time at Dash Hotel and cant wait to return and see any new additions!

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