From the start of the day, our guide Stephen of Vinetrekker Tours was very informative about the rich history if Melbourne and had many in-depth facts to offer on the tour. The Let’s Go to the Valley Tour, covered many wineries (5) as opposed to the usual (3) tours. We mainly spent the day visiting wineries in North and Central Yarra Valley. The wineries visited are known to be premium boutique, five-star wineries mainly specialized in Chardonnay & Pinot Noir.


Possesses a sophisticated wine knowledge and very in-depth detail regarding production and flavors. Clearly, you can see the passion behind the wine. Tastings: Chardonnay, pinot noir, shiraz, merlot, etc.

Annual Production: 60,000 cases


Time for a tasty snack break or nibbles of salami, ham, pickles, and cheese. The food platter was excellent and just in time, but the wine tasting flew by too quickly here.

Tastings: Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Late Harvest Pinot Gris, etc.

Annual Production: 30,000 cases

(Louis Vuitton Owned) This was likely the most stunning vineyard I visited in Yarra Valley. Of course, the design is very European as expected from its French influence. We were lucky enough that the cellar was open which is not always the case. I was able to get a close look at the vintage wine bottle storage as well as the new tasting room

At Chandon, rather than tasting multiple wine glasses of variety, this time we were able to have one glass of a select sparkling wine. After tasting five options, I went with the Cuveè Riche – a sweet, fruity champagne.

Our guide also took us on a brief tour of the wine production facility, oak barrels. fermentation tanks, & wine cellar. This also gave a better perspective of wine production.

Annual Production: Over 100,000 cases.


Owned by a local Melbourne business man. Super incredible lunch that was very delectable. I chose a Chardonnay wine to compliment the lamb back strap meal ordered. Yet again, another wine tasting to follow of shiraz, pinot, etc.

Italian Aussies 4th Generation owned.

Here we had a wine tasting and as it is called a cheese degustation (DEFINE).

There was a scrumptious selection of cheeses: Australian goat cheese, Irish blue cheese (incredible!), French brie, Swiss cheese with crackers.

My select wine was unsurprisingly, a honey flavored dessert wine.
All in all, I found Vinetrekker Tours to be an engaging tour in terms of knowledge gained. I even found that I developed a deeper interest in wine production which I did not expect to happen! If you are looking for a more refined and educational tour, then Vinetrekkers would definitely be for you.
For further information regarding  booking Vinetrekker Wine and Food Tours in Victoria, Australia, please visit http://www.vinetrekker.com.au  

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