London is quite a gem of a city with amazing parks, cafes, and beautiful sights to explore. There is something of interest for every kind of personality. It has the pace of an urban city without being overly bustling (in a New Yorker’s view anyway!) and the preserved architecture with the occasional cobblestone roads will transport you back in time. Here are some of the highlights that you must see when in London:

Hyde Park: The most incredible, vast park in central London, which is home to numerous concerts and festivals throughout the year. A great place for a stroll and situated directly off Oxford Street.

Oxford Street: The famous high street in London where you will find a wide-range of brands and stores. From department stores (i.e: the famous Selfridges) to discount stores, and other international brand stores, there are stores for all types of tourist budgets. It is particularly beautiful in the wintertime when the festival lights line the streets.

London - Big Ben

Big Ben: The most iconic landmark of London that is beyond impressive to see live in person. After seeing the Big Ben on every English postcard and souvenir (when back home), I was delighted to be standing before the elegant structure. Catch a spot on the corner and take your ‘typical tourist photo.’

Buckingham Palace: When in London, this is probably one of the most visited sights by locals and tourists alike. Come by get a glimpse of the palace from behind the gate and stand by for the changing of the guards.

The London Eye (shown in featured image): or what most people like to call some sort of, dare I say it – ‘Ferris wheel.’ The London Eye is much more than your standard amusement park rides because it provides a safer ride for one. And, two, you are enclosed inside this capsule with a 360 degree views that gives you an incredible heightened perception of the city.

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The British Museum: Even if you’re not a huge fan of museums, you will surely be impressed by its architecture. The glass ceiling alone is photo-worthy. I personally enjoy the historical exhibits containing ancient artifacts from different nations of the world including Ancient Egypt to the Greek and Roman empires.




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