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Selecting a major for university is by far one of the most confusing decisions we have to make. No matter if you are a recent High School graduate or a middle-aged adult going for post-education, there is a lot of concern with weighing the decision for your major. Halfway through pursuing a major, you may not even like the direction in which the degree is progressing! In fact, it’s possible that you wont even utilize your degree post-graduation. Does this sound like you?

The reality is you will never be able to determine the usefulness of your degree prior to actual graduation. There wont be a degree that guarantees you a successful career pathway either considering we aren’t living in the most stable of times either. I REPEAT, there are no guarantees based on the major you select. Now, that you have accepted the unpredictability of your degree major, you can feel relieved knowing that you actually can’t control the outcomes post graduation.

There can be an exception to degree majors, of course. Those that are studying majors that require further study should do more background research about their major before. After all, degree majors such as teaching, psychology, medicine, and law (to name a few) often require a 6-8 year education and financial commitment depending on your country. Even so, just because you went with a more credit-packed degree program, you may still find that it doesn’t suit you or that you struggle to find employment.

All in all, there should not be any regrets about your university major. The future is unpredictable and a person’s career interests evolving, you need to be adaptable rather than regretful. Carrying deep regret will only make you more distracted from the road ahead. If you need to change your major four times until you are satisfied – even if it takes you double the time to get a degree, then do what you have to do.

Don’t continue studying a major that doesn’t interest you or isn’t suitable to your career goals. And, if you already obtained a degree that you aren’t satisfied with, then attempt to gain work experience or intern in new fields to change the course of your career direction (more to come on this subject…_). Don’t regret but revise your plans along the way. How can you reshape your future regardless of your degree?


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