The Hotel Papillon Echo Beach is located minutes away from Echo beach in Canggu. It is the ideal location for surfers and beach lovers alike. This hotel is one of the newer developments along the main road leading to Echo beach. You will see that many expats and tourists flock to this beach to view the sunset or go for a surf. If you are concerned about reaching the hotel or new to Bali, then you can also request an airport transfer. The villas are very peaceful I found and the pools within each division were not overly occupied.


I was super impressed upon entering my room when I saw my bed had been decorated with flowers spelling my name! I thought that was sweet and welcoming. The bedroom entrance is actually a glass door facing out to the villa pool shared with other guests. There are a few small pools spread out in the hotel within each section. Again, not recommended for swimming exercise, but a nice place to lounge.

The bathroom is stunning and nearly the size of an second bedroom. An open plan without dividers and curtains inclusive of a large vanity area, shower, and bathtub.The one thing I missed having was breakfast due to the kitchen being under construction. I hope the next time I visit in 2018, I will get to experience breakfast here also. In the meantime, there are many cafes along this road to satisfy your hunger.



I was delighted when the staff showed me around local spots in Canggu. It was my first time here and I definitely needed a guide! We drove to the well-known Tanah Lot temple (featured below) and watched the sunset there also. Thanks to my great local guide, I got to taste traditional Balinese suckling pork stir fry and pork rinds. It was delicious!




My absolute most memorable time was the rice fields I visited in which we took some incredible photos. It was a wonderful scene of cascading rice fields which are a Bali staple. I am eager to explore more in the Canggu area upon my future visit to Bali and being located so close to Echo Beach makes that more than a possibility.



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