If you’ve ever wanted to share your experiences with the online world, then you probably considered writing a blog. Although, you never actually decided to do it because you had no idea where to start! Writing any sort of blog can be intimidating if you’ve never published anything online. There are a couple of ways to get started an I am going to break it down for you below:


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If you only want to publish blog posts without actually creating a brand or business, then your best bet is to choose a free site like Blogger to get started. Blogger was created by none other than Google and is incredibly simple in design. You can purchase a domain name as well to use alongside your Blogger website or you can keep your, if the details don’t bother you.


Now, if you’re only desire is sharing information, there is absolutely no excuse why you cannot setup a free site for yourself using Blogger. I personally tested out Blogger and found it to be very basic in both design and functionality. Since I wanted to build a long-term following, I decided that I need to spend more time on the design factor and was too limited with Blogger. That’s why you need to review your blog objectives to see if the free or paid site is what works best for you.




My absolute best recommendation would have to be WordPress, which is actually included if you signup with most hosting services including Bluehost, Host Gator, and Go Daddy. Now, when I refer to hosting your website, I mean a company that provides you the service which keeps your website operated online. A hosting service can also provide you a domain name (depending on availability of your choice) for a minimal fee.


It is super easy to check out the various packages on offer and I do suggest signing up for a multiple-year plan, which will save you money later. Remember, the fee for the domain name is usually separate from your hosting plan. Make sure you check if your domain name is available before signing up for a hosting plan to avoid disappointment later on. The best part about signing up for a hosting serviced, for example, is that you can choose from multiple platforms to develop your blog site including WordPress. Since my personal favorite is WordPress, I am going to create a series of posts to continue this “How to start a blog” mission.


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